Welcome to my weather musings blog

Thank you for stopping by my weather blog.  My goal is to devote most of my attention to all things related to Texas weather.  And, more specifically, all things related to Houston weather.

When I was seven years old, I remember – early one weekday morning before school – channel-surfing through the few ‘over-the-air’ television channels that were available at the time.  I happened to stop channel surfing on Houston’s PBS station: channel 8.  The channel was airing a weather show named, “A.M. Weather.”  After watching the short 15-minute episode, I was immediately spellbound.

My love for the weather was ignited to even greater heights in August 1983 when Hurricane Alicia barreled ashore the west end of Galveston Island with powerful 100 mph winds and eventually, very nearly passed over our neighborhood in west Houston with terrifying, ear-piercing lightning strikes and damaging, tornadic winds.  Since that time, meteorology has been my biggest hobby.  Some may even call the type of devotion I have to this hobby a ‘passion.’  So, yes, I have a passion for the weather.

What I plan to do with this blog is to discuss Texas weather, Houston weather, and other weather-related topics.  On my twitter feed, you will find me tweeting often about Houston weather under the searchable hashtag “#houwx” or even “#txwx.”  I plan to focus my attention on weather statistics and looking at weather results from different perspectives.  Data visualization is another one of my hobbies, so I hope to present the statistics of Texas weather in unique ways.

I also love weather phenomena.  You will find me tweeting often about “optically phenomenal” images that I capture or that some of my wonderful tweeps may have captured.  I try to store these images under the searchable hashtag “#opticallyphenomenal.”

So, I hope you enjoy my blog.  Please follow me on my Twitter feed, and sign up for my RSS blog feed to receive all of my new posts.

Thank you for stopping by,


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