Monthly Rainfall in City of West University Place, TX

2015 has been an amazing year for rainfall in Houston.  Thus far, I have received over 83″ of rain (through November 30th) at my home in West University Place, TX.  That is not a misprint: 83 inches!

Since I became a CoCoRaHS Volunteer Observer in 2009, no other year has come close to that type of rainfall total, not only on a year-to-date basis but also on a total year basis!  The following graph illustrates the year-to-date total rainfall amounts by year at my house:

Cocorahs ytd comparisons

What is interesting to note is that I have received almost as much rainfall in 2015 as I received in both 2013 and 2014 combined.

The following graph is a breakdown of rainfall amounts by month at my home in City of West University Place, TX:

Cocorahs monthly update november 2015

What finally caught my eye from the monthly graph of rainfall above is that we received more rainfall in both May 2015 (20.07″) and October 2015 (15.26″) than we received in ALL 12 MONTHS OF 2011 (14.74″).

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